Our Mission


Unified Building Sciences & Engineering, Inc. is committed to engineering excellence. We achieve this by offering our clients a high level of structural quality, efficiency, and service.

QUALITY – The quality of our structural designs and the safety of your structure are our most important missions.

EFFICIENCY – Through our commitment to state-of-the-art design technology, CAD software and the latest in structural design software, we offer our clients safe, economical and easy-to-build structures produced in a timely manner.

SERVICE – Every staff member at UBSE is committed to providing professional, personal and quality service to our clients. As key members of the design team, we recognize the importance of cooperation and teamwork. To accomplish this mission, UBSE is committed to achieving these goals:

  • Serving our clients’ needs to ensure that we meet their goals and expectations
  • Maintaining a profitable organization with the resources needed to serve our clients efficiently and adequately
  • Protecting the public welfare to the best of our ability
  • Maintain a qualified and adequate staff
  • Practicing engineering with a high level of professionalism

Forensic Engineering and Litigation Support

Fire Origin and Cause Investigations

Engineering Design