Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Design engineering begins with the defining of objectives and then applies engineering disciplines to determine the most efficient, cost-effective and practical approach to meet the stated objectives. Whether the project is a major and complex civil engineering undertaking, a new high-rise structure, or the repair or replacement of damaged buildings, portions of buildings, or components, the same set of disciplines and procedures are followed to ensure project success.

Following careful and proven procedures, a UBSE team of engineers with knowledge and experience with similar projects will:

  • Examine the project details, define the objective, and identify the construction parameters
  • Undertake conceptual studies and define possible solutions
  • Evaluate each solution on the basis of a wide range of criteria including appearance, cost, effectiveness, durability, environmental impact, etc.
  • Analyze each solution using mathematical and engineering principles, technical know-how, and practical experience
  • Select the most optimum design solution based on the initial objective
  • Present the solution to the client
  • Develop detail drawing and specifications

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