Forensic Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations

UBSE engineers provide both residential and commercial inspections on new construction as well as existing buildings which may have been damaged or compromised by fire, flooding, wind, foundation movement, electrical failure, or structural failure.

Our extensive inspection services, handled primarily through our Forensic Engineering group, include:

  • Residential/Commercial inspections
  • Roof hail and wind evaluations
  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical inspections and investigations
  • Foundation evaluations
  • Construction inspections and construction claims investigations
  • Inspections of buildings exposed to fire, flooding, wind, hail or snow
  • Mobile equipment inspections
  • Telecommunications cable-cut evaluations

UBSE will determine causation and extent of damage, including the identification of specific issues such as structural integrity, code compliance, etc.

We will then prepare a detailed report to meet litigation or insurance requirements, as well as remediation plans and estimates.

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