Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

UBSE has completed numerous civil engineering projects across the Southwest, including Municipal & Public Buildings, Medical Complexes, Office Buildings & Parking Structures, Industrial Plants, Religious Facilities, Educational Facilities, retail centers, Special Structures including Bins, Silos, Towers, and Equipment Supports, and urban development projects including bridges.

UBSE takes pride in producing clean, easy-to-read and complete civil construction documents that facilitate projects being easy to construct, resulting in cost savings for the owner. UBSE construction civil documents undergo several levels of quality control to make certain that the civil engineering designs and construction documents maintain the standard of care we expect. In construction, time is money. Our civil engineers strive to complete the construction document phase of a project in a timely manner.

UBSE provides full construction administration services on our projects. We are always available to assist the design and construction team members with the many issues that arise during the construction phase. Our civil engineers and support staff are experienced in the construction process and are trained to recognize and solve problems quickly. The presence of a UBSE civil engineer on the job site at critical times can have a lasting and positive impact on the quality of the project.

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